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The Sun Cat


The Sun Cat



Here, at last, typed on an actual American keyboard (albeit preemptively) is a real live newspost!

I am currently sitting at the minibar in the basement of my grandparents' house in Sequim, Washington, using a wireless network that would have saved me a lot of war driving if I had discovered it last night. It is nine seventeen in the morning, and to make up for the week's dearth of comics, you get another one right now.

The family has now been joined by the foreign exchange student mentioned earlier; her name is Lisa, and she is both erudite and beautiful. Today's comic is, of course, dedicated to her.

She was also the donor of the laptop that so mangled yesterday's post. I really didn't expect there to be that much variation in keyboard layouts, and yet:

But Thursday's comic would never have happened without it, and I am eternally grateful.

And now the wireless seems to have stopped working again... But if you ever actually see this newspost, you will know that it has once again corrected itself.

Until then.

This comic was drawn on 2009-08-07 and posted on 2009-08-10.
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