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There Once was a Girl...


There Once was a Girl...


Madcap Insomniac Ramblings!

I can only hope that with the mouseover for this comic I have singlehandedly defined the new and intellectual genre of the recursively self-referential limerick. Yay! This, I think, is what I want to be remembered for.

Below, for your viewing pleasure, I have listed some other candidate limericks for the second panel (children, religious figures, and the easily offended: Look away!), ranging from the conciliatory...

Well, I've always admired your spunk -
And I know that you think I'm a punk -
But we could rise above
And make passionate love
If we just got sufficiently drunk! the petulant...

If we were Neanderthalese
Then our romance would be such a breeze:
I would club in your head
And I'd drag you to bed...
But we aren't, so I have to say please. the bizarre, but vaguely flattering...

If your body, reclining and stark,
Could be wandered by Lewis and Clark
They would be so impressed
By your mountainous chest
That they'd make it a national park.

...and also historically inaccurate: The Lewis and Clark expedition ranged from 1803 to 1806, whereas the first official national park (Yellowstone) wasn't founded unil 1872. So. Disclaimer. Don't use this one on that cute history T.A. I mean, just in case you were thinking about it...

In other news, sleep deprivation is affecting my mind.


This comic was drawn on 2009-09-07 and posted on 2009-09-07.
Nearing Acheron is supposed to update on Mondays and Thursdays.

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