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The Wisdom of Experience


The Wisdom of Experience


Notes on the New Style

First off: This isn't permanent. I still prefer the old style, with its cleaner lines. But this is pretty fun too.

And why? I'm going to school over in England now, at the University of Essex, and I decided to see if I could work for their student paper, The Rabbit. Turns out I could. I'll be doing both cartoons and miscellaneous artwork. But the old-style strips just don't fit the layout very well. So I was thinking about trying something new.

Then a couple nights ago, as I was coming home from an hour and a half of squash, sweaty and exhausted, inspiration struck (the positive correlation between inspiration and oxygen deprivation is kinda scary, if you think about it). It was a simple matter of taking the idea, pairing it with the layout style of Nobody Scores!, which I've been reading lately and which is highly awesome. I sat down and produced the comic you have before you now. It took about three hours.

I did not shower first. Such is my dedication to my art.

I wasn't planning for this to run in the paper - I figured it was kinda wordy and kinda cynical for that - but I sent it over as a demo, and I guess they liked it, 'cause it's running in the next edition. As is its sibling comic; stay tuned on Friday!

So in the future, expect to see more comics like this intermixed with the other kind, which I should get back to writing, having found a scanner and a copy of Photoshop. I will strive to maintain balance.

And that is why today's comic looks funny.

This comic was drawn on 2012-10-21 and posted on 2012-10-24.
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